After finding a venue and selecting an amazing Preparatory Team, the first step of a VSS preparation take place at the all-important Prep Team Meeting. But what happens exactly during this crucial milestone?

Getting to know Each Other

Marie, Allegra, Nina, Angie and Julie (+ Valentina) met in Reims in April for a fateful weekend to start planning all the aspects of the Volunteer Summer Summit 2023 and their implementation. This dynamic team explored the venue, workshop and activity rooms, as well as the city that will host us in France. After connecting with each other and starting to feel like a real team, they looked through each step of the preparation from opening registration until the end of the VSS. They carefully analyzed all the tasks, timeline, topics, etc.


So, this weekend was marked by hard work, fears and expectations, but most importantly, by the team’s shared feeling of contributing to the implementation of a change-making event for so many AFS volunteers. It was at this moment that our brave PT accepted the challenge of organising this big event in less than three months and aimed to plan an unforgettable VSS for all of you!

Debating and Brainstorming

During the prep meeting, the PT spent some time exchanging opinions about this year’s theme, Education for Democratic Citizenship. Participants will get to know all about this topic during the varied workshops offered by our skilled and creative Trainers Team. Thanks to the group discussion that the theme aroused, this has been one of the most engaging and inspiring moments of the weekend. Talking about active citizenship, civic education, the role of non-formal education and the AFS network in enhancing democratic citizenship among young people makes it evident why this theme is crucial for all the AFS volunteers who want to have a say and contribute to shaping a more inclusive, participatory and diverse society. Education for Democratic Citizenship is an opportunity for volunteers to be actors of change and inspire their peers and younger generations.

As if that is not enough to make everyone want to apply to participate in the VSS, the PT also discussed the variety of leisure activities and fun moments that will enrich the event, making the Summer Summit an even more unique event creating lasting memories for each volunteer. The members of the Support Team will soon start to think about incredibly entertaining activities for all the participants and can’t wait to offer them to you!


Did your curiosity about this edition of the VSS grow while reading this article? All you have to do is apply as a participant to be sure not to miss an unforgettable event everyone will talk about! You have time until 4 June, don’t overthink and apply here.

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