The Preparatory Team

The Prep Team is responsible for the overall management and quality of the event and each member has a separate area of responsibility. During the VSS, the Prep Team, ensures the smooth implementation of the programme, coordinates and supports the volunteer team, and helps with logistics and content.


VSS Coordinator

Hi everyone, I’m Marie. Unlike you, I’m new to the AFS network, I started working in the EFIL office in September 2022 as a project manager. I am learning every day since I arrived and I see this adventure as a challenge and an opportunity to meet extraordinary people. I’m French, and more precisely I come from Brittany, a region in the North West of France where we eat good crêpes with salted butter caramel and surf on the coast. I arrived in Belgium in fall 2018 for work and then study. What else can I tell you? I have been teaching yoga informally for a few months now, after taking a training course when I was living in Rome last year 🙂. See you soon!



Pax Coordinator

Ciao! I’m Allegra and I come from Southern Italy ☀️ My journey with AFS started in 2014, when I got a scholarship for a trimester programme in Hungary. Right after that, I became an AFS volunteer in Italy and am still part of the AFS family. In October 2022, I joined the EFIL office as a ESC volunteer and participated in the PEACE camp in November as Prep Team member. This will be my first VSS ever and I will be the Participants Coordinator. I’m so excited to meet you all and get to learn so much more about our fantastic volunteer network and this year’s theme! About me: I can be a very stereotypical Italian regarding some topics 🍕☀️, and I can speak Arabic. 



Plenaries Coordinator

Hi! I’m Julie from France. I love learning and discovering new things and new cultures! I love traveling, right now I live in Torino in Italy. I’m this year plenary coordinator for VSS. I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see you all and discuss about the wonderful topic of Democratic Education! See you soon 🙂

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Support Team Coordinator

Cześć & olá !
My name is Angelika, but everybody in AFS knows me as Angie! I’m originally from Poland, where I started volunteering in 2013. I have never been on AFS exchange but I found my community with AFSers. My life is deeply connected with Portugal, where I went for my Erasmus and where I live now since the pandemic. I have taken part in EFIL’s PEACE Camps as Prep Team member three times and I was a participant at the VSS in Italy back in 2016. That’s why I have a profound enjoyment for any international activities connected with volunteers and I cannot wait to prepare VSS for all of you! Side notes: I love “Dance Monkey”, color yellow, sunsets and hugs! 



Trainers Team Coordinator

Hi dear sunflowers,
My name is Nina and I’m happy to be the trainers team coordinator this year. This is my 3rd VSS – each in a different role. I’ve been part of AFS for 10 years – and still love how much I’m learning around here! My AFS background chronologically is: AFS Serbia, AFS Italy, AFS Brazil, and last few years happily part of AFS Sweden and EFIL lately I have focused mostly on events and advocacy. I love strawberries, cherry tomatoes and spring, sometimes sing about the things I’m doing and promise to offer a lot of random facts. Somewhat of 50% nerdy gramma & 50% party girl. Here to ensure we all learn a lot while having some fun at the VSS!