The 6th edition of the Mediterranean University on Youth and Global Citizenship (MedUni) took place in Tunisia from 6 to 13 May 2018. The MedUni is coordinated by the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe and the 2018 edition brought together 150 youth who took part in eight parallel training courses.

One of the eight activities was the annual meeting of the EuroMed Youth Network, where EFIL is a member since its foundation in 2016. Alexandra Singpiel (AFS GER) was part of the facilitators team of this annual meeting, which was a crucial point in the history of the network: the internal structure was finally consolidated and several documents such as the Mission, Vision and Values, the Code of Conduct and membership criteria were finalised and voted upon. Additionally, for the first time a steering committee was elected, taking over the coordination of the network, which was previously mainly done by the Catalan National Youth Council. With this in place, the network has the possibility to continue bringing the voice of young people from both sides of the Mediterranean together and creating a shared space for learning.

The last two days of the network meeting were dedicated to developing a strategic plan for the years to come, giving the network a direction and allowing member organisations to choose in which of the three working commissions (funding and partnerships, political priorities or communications) they would like to work in and support the network.

In addition to the network meeting, shared plenary sessions of the MedUni allowed all participants to get to know other participants and connect the different activities as well as the annual theme chosen for this edition, “promoting peaceful and inclusive societies”. At the final round table the outcomes of the different activities were presented to fellow participants and to high-level decision makers including the Chief of Government of Tunisia as well as the Tunisian Minister for Youth and Sports.