Hey everyone!

As good things come in threes, I am delighted to be in the EFIL office for the third time!

My name is Ingvild Grini and I am an AFS volunteer from Norway. As a volunteer, I have been engaged in local chapter work, orientations, trainings, and had the brilliant experience of being a host sister.

With EFIL, I have been involved as an intern both in ECTP and VSS. Now, I am back in the office for the summer months to help out during Iza’s leave. My main task will be following up and writing the external report for the two seminars “External Relations and AFS Profiling” in Belgium 10-15 May and “Chapter Development: quality youth work on local level” in Finland 12-18 June.

I am looking forward to learn more about the different projects in EFIL, to be working again with the great EFIL Secretariat and to get in touch with old and new AFS colleagues and friends.

Please, you can always contact me at [email protected].