EFIL is proud to announce that we will be for the first time the lead partner of an Erasmus+ Strategic partnership. The project is about ICL training of teachers and pupils, it will start on 1 October and last until November 2018.

The full partners of the project are AFS Belgium French, AFS France, Fondazione Intercultura, InterCultur), the Franco-German Youth Office (OFAJ/DFJW), the European School Heads Association and two secondary schools: Lycée Gabriel Faure, Tournon sur Rhône (France) and Ecole Internationale Le Verseau – ELCE, Bierge (Belgium).

Associated partners are the European Association of Teachers (AEDE), the European Association of History Educators (EUROCLIO), The Istanbul Kultur University (IKU), AFS Turkey, AFS Belgium Flanders, AFS Czech Republic, AFS Poland.

The project outputs will be:

  • Modules on intercultural learning that can be included in secondary school curricula. The partnership would start from a general one and then adapt it to the countries where it will be piloted, namely in France, Belgium, Italy and Germany. The modules will be adapted on the basis of the feedback gathered during the pilot phase. (leading organisation: AFS Belgium French)
  • Training modules aimed at equipping teachers with the skills to implement the modules for secondary school pupils in the classroom and to promote teachers’ and pupils’ mobility and valorise it upon return for the internationalisation of the school. The modules will be adapted on the basis of the feedback gathered after having delivered the trainings within the project. (leading organisation: Fondazione Intercultura)
  • Policy and practice recommendations to include intercultural learning in teachers’ training. (leading organisation: InterCultur)
  • Policy and practice recommendations to schools and policy makers on how to include intercultural learning in secondary schools’ curricula and recognize the long-term mobility experiences as part of the academic path of secondary school students. (leading organisation: EFIL)

The kick off meeting will take place attached to the Forum on Intercultural Learning and Exchange in Colle Val d’Elsa, probably on 6-8 November. The idea is that the project will build on the outcomes of the Forum which covers exactly the topic of ICL training for teachers.

We are very much looking forward to start this project which will support the profiling of AFS as educational organisation towards schools and institutions, in close cooperation with AFS International and their efforts in this field.

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