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The yearly European training for trainers organised by EFIL for the key volunteers within the membership will take place in Dworp (near Brussels), Belgium, 7-16 November 2016.

Next to the general trainer skills, this edition of the training will focus on a rather bold issue: preparing AFS trainers to also go beyond usual AFS audience profiles. The project title is “Who needs intercultural education?” and this question will take it on the route to addressing intercultural learning with target groups that might be new to AFS, for example:

– school pupil and teacher audiences,

– older people or younger children,

– minorities and marginalised groups, including refugees.

As usual, the event will consist of two general parts: the “learning” phase when participants will explore trainer skills and the needs of different audiences, and the “practice/ implementation” phase when they will prepare and deliver their own training modules in sub-teams. At the end of the course these modules will be delivered to different local audiences outside AFS, identified within the Belgian reality.

The preparatory team of the training is currently being recruited and the call for participants will be shared with AFS organisations by early September.

For more information: [email protected]