ACTIVE – Active Citizenship Tools in Various Environments – is funded by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe and aims at providing tools to include active citizenship content in AFS exchange programmes. The project has kept its team quite busy during the first months of 2015: Hilal Gercek (AFS Turkey), Josh Fitoussi (AFS France), Maria Fanlo (AFS Spain), Marin Bjort Valtysdottir (EFIL/AFS Iceland) and Elisa Briga (EFIL) have been working on the website of the project, a draft Manual of activities and a draft video for volunteers.

The website aims at being an entry point for all AFS’ers that want to engage with active citizenship. The Manual of activities will provide volunteers with a series of activities to run at orientations in all phases of the exchange, aimed at encouraging participants to act as responsible citizens in their communities. The video is a support to the Manual, raising awareness among volunteers on why AFS is about active citizenship and how this concept can be conveyed in orientations and during exchange programmes.

You can have a preview of the first outcomes at

These preliminary outcomes are not final and are currently piloted in some EFIL organisations. The project team will meet in Barcelona at the end of May to revise the tools produced and move forward in view of the big launch at the Volunteer Summer Summit in Berlin, where also a video of AFS active citizens will be presented.

For more information: [email protected]