At the end of this year, EFIL is waving goodbye to two much loved staff members, Inga Menke and Tinna Sveinsdottir.

Inga has been with us for more than seven years, and was known all over the network as the driving force behind the annual EFIL Volunteer Summer Summit, which over the years under Inga’s strong leadership and commitment has grown into the much appreciated event it is today, one of EFIL’s flagship projects. Next to the VSS, Inga deserves a lot of credit for the expansion of our network over the past years, in her role as Coordinator for new partner development, which ultimately led to the official inclusion as Full Members in the EFIL network at the EFIL General Assembly in Prague this year of the AFS organisations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Poland, Slovenia, Serbia and Slovakia, plus the Affiliate Member status for our AFS partner in Bulgaria. Thank you, Inga. Inga is moving to Berlin to work for an international non-profit organisation focusing on climate change. We wish her the best of success in her new life.

Tinna joined us in September 2016. In the short time she was part of our team, with great enthusiasm, she started working on EFIL’s communication strategy, something we had been lacking for years. Tinna worked on the launch of EFIL’s new website, gave us much greater visibility through various social media, she put structure and lots of new ideas in EFIL’s communication area, and showed us the way forward. A lot has been achieved in a short period of time. Thank you, Tinna. Tinna is joining the staff of AFS Iceland in Reykjavik, I her home country. We wish her the very best in her new role within AFS.

In February 2018 our team in Brussels will be joined by two new staff members. We very warmly welcome Valentina Milanese and Jenny Larentsinusdottir. Valentina has been an EVS intern in the EFIL office in 2017. Jenny currently is a staff member of AFS Iceland.

Valentina will take over partner development and she will coordinate the EFIL Volunteer Summer Summit. Jenny’s tasks will include communication, and the coordination of a number of large projects including the annual ECTP, the new PEACE programme, Intercultural Dialogue Day and the MIRAI programme. At the EFIL secretariat, we are looking forward to welcoming Valentina and Jenny to our staff team.