Inga VSS 2017
Today, the day has come for me to say goodbye as an EFIL staff member. And I have been wondering how to actually say goodbye after such a long period in the EFIL office?

First of all I want to thank all of you for the great cooperation. It has been a pleasure to work with you as a colleague, team members, participants and friends.  Instead of writing a long article, I have rather decided to share my “Inga in EFIL” ABC with what I’m taking from or linking to my time in EFIL. I hope you enjoy it and if you worked with me you might see a connection. 


I’m happy to say that I will return to volunteering and I’m looking forward to meeting you again, so it’s a goodbye for now.

Inga’s EFIL – ABC

  • Amazing interns
  • Broadening my horizon and Biking through rain
  • Creative solutions to overcome crisis’s with a little help of  chocolate chocolate chocolate
  • Discussions, both beautiful and exhausting
  • Extending my comfort zone
  • Flights that contribute to my terrible ecological footprint
  • Great fun and different types of group pictures (thanks to all the amazing team fun pictures!)
  • Highly motivated and inspiring volunteers
  • Intercultural Learning on a personal level as well as on an organisational level
  • Joint team meetings
  • Keeping the overview
  • Learning, laughing and listening
  • Making new friends
  • New ideas
  • Online tools
  • Partner Development with all its ups and downs – I learned a lot!
  • Questioning oneself
  • Rephrasing statements during evaluation meetings
  • Studying and working at the same time
  • Training
  • Unboxing stereotypes
  • Volunteer development
  • Working with a growing volunteer force also on weekends
  • X-rays and other stories linked to hospital trips including a person being bitten by a bat
  • Yawning after looooong nights
  • Zoom out and focus on Climate Change