In 2015 EFIL is conducting an Erasmus+ funded project aimed at improving the European Citizenship content of AFS exchanges, in particular for ECTP, which is the trimester exchange programme focused on this topic (see elsewhere in this edition of EFILife).

The project consists of a series of ‘job shadowing’ experiences for AFS staff members from EFIL, Belgium Flanders, Hungary, Russia, Germany and Sweden. The project has started with the first job shadowing of Diana, Ariane, Natalia, Marcel & Ivana to EFIL, Belgium Flanders… and to the ECTP Brussels Camp! They had the chance to learn about the development of the ECTP programme and EFIL’s perspective on it, the practices of AFS Belgium Flanders in successfully running the programme and increasing numbers, and attend the Brussels Camp where young people from all over Europe learn about European Active Citizenship. This way AFS staff members had the opportunity to experience the intensity and quality of the programme.

The project will continue with job shadowing visits in Hungary, Sweden, Germany and Russia and aims at compiling practices in order to improve the sharing of information and the quality of the programme within the whole EFIL network. In particular, partner organisations need to be more involved in the programme by adding their local perspective and practice of European citizenship (trough orientations, monthly contacts and chapter events).

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