Although some months have passed since the yearly Intercultural Dialogue Day in September, it is still important to announce the winners of the Facebook contest for the best IDD photo and video.

Thank you all for the contribution to this years’ IDD and for sharing all your great pictures and videos on Facebook! It is wonderful to see intercultural dialogue and active citizenship being celebrated in so many various places!

Now – for the video and photo contest – the winners are…:

Photo contest:

1st place: AFS chapter Novi Sad, Serbia, sent in by Nina Grmuša (photo to the left)! They explain their IDD event: Exchange students spending their afs year in the north of Serbia were hosted by the local high school students. We’ve learned a lot about local culture, about our exchange students home countries and about ‪#‎active citizenship through workshops with our volunteers, sightseeing, visits to different institutions. Most importantly, we’ve made new friendships and introduced our new friends to the ‪#‎afseffect”.

2nd place: AFS chapter AFS Roma Est, AFS Roma Ovest and AFS Roma Sud, Italy, sent in by Elena Barletta with Francesca Aloisio as spokesperson (photo in the middle).

3rd place: AFS chapter Riga, Latvia, sent in by Liene Muceniece (photo to the right).

Video contest:

1st place: AFS chapter AFS Roma Est, AFS Roma Ovest and AFS Roma Sud, Italy, sent in by Andrea Lucio with Francesca Aloisio as spokesperson. Their IDD event included an international bazaar and an intercultural round table. You can see their IDD video here.

2nd place: AFS chapter Zurich together with Lucerne and Berne, Switzerland, sent in by Robin Afs Büro Zürich. Here you can see their IDD video.

3rd place: AFS Moscow region, Russia, sent in by Anastasia Zhyoltaya. Here you can see their IDD video.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contests and congratulations to the winners!! The 1st place teams (AFS Novia Sad and AFS Roma Est, AFS Roma Ovest and AFS Roma Sud) get the opportunity to send one of their AFS volunteers to the EFIL Volunteer Summer Summit 2016 in Italy with a free registration!

Already looking forward to see more events next year!