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EFIL’s Volunteer Summer Summit is an annual event that gathers 300 AFS volunteers for five days in summer, to meet fellow-volunteers, learn from one another, participate in workshops about AFS-related themes, and enjoy each other’s company.
The 2016 VSS will take place in the beautiful city of Venice, Italy, on San Servolo island, from 30 July to 4 August. The theme will be: “Education for Peace – The Challenge of Living Together”. Feel free to advertise the event among your volunteers, so that they may include it in their holiday plans for next year.
What will make VSS 2016 a special event?
– a spectacular location in a magic city;
– an island at our exclusive use in the heart of Venice;
– a magnificent structure: a renovated air-conditioned building of the 16th century;
– workshops by well known speakers from all over the world;
– 300 volunteers of all age groups (we encourage the participation of older volunteers and teachers);
– an opportunity to learn about the fascinating history of Venice.
The event is supported by a grant of the Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe and by Intercultura Foundation.
A preparatory team has been put together. The team will meet in January at the venue in Venice.  More information will follow soon.