This year’s Intercultural Dialogue Day was celebrated on 25 September. At the EFIL secretariat in Brussels we can’t wait to see the outcomes.




In Molina, Spain, within the University on Youth and Development (, we are celebrating IDD with other youth organisations trying this way to make Intercultural Dialogue Day more visible to people outside of AFS. There, from 21 till 28 September, a group of 25 EFIL volunteers was exploring diversity issues during the EFIL seminar entitled “Embracing diversity”.  At Mollina they had a chance to exchange experiences and opinions with over 200 participants from other organisations, participating in parallel events of the UYD. The whole EFIL group has organised workshops and some fun activities for the other participants of the University on the day of the Intercultural Dialogue.

As for IDD activities in other locations in Europe, AFS offices all over Europe have received some information from EFIL. They also have stacks of IDD postcards and posters, produced especially for this Intercultural Dialogue Day.

We also want to remind all the IDD local organisers to share with EFIL pictures and videos, both to contribute to the promotional movie which will be produced based on the 2014 events and to participate in the Facebook IDD Photo & Video Contest! By joining the competition on the IDD Facebook page, you had the chance to win a free ticket for the Volunteer Summer Summit 2015 in Germany. Also, don’t forget to place yourself and your IDD event on the Google map. Let’s see how many are we out there celebrating diversity!

The Intercultural Dialogue Day is supported in 2015 by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

For more information, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].