In Malaga, Spain, an EFIL extra-ordinary General Assembly took place alongside the Heads of Office retreat. Main item on the agenda were the EFIL Board elections. Out of six candidates the following four nominees were voted on the EFIL Board of Directors for a two-year term: Jörn Lehmann from Germany (for a third term), Jatta Erlund from Finland (former National Director AFS Finland), Andrea Franzoi from Italy (current ODC of Intercultura), and Ragnar Thorvardarson (current Chair of AFS Iceland).

The four newly elected Board members will join Ekaterina Bagdasarova from Russia (current Vice-Chair of AFS Russia), Philipp Wagner from Austria (former Chair of AFS Austria) and Bart van Doveren from Belgium (former Board member AFS Belgium Flanders). The EFIL Board consists of seven members, serving two-year terms (renewable).

Two Board members stepped down: Simone Caporali from Italy (current National Director of Intercultura) and Anne Collignon from France (former Chair of AFS France). Their contributions have been highly valued by the other Board members and by the EFIL network at large.

The first in-person meeting of the new EFIL Board will be in October, and is scheduled to take place in Brussels, Belgium.



Outgoing Board members Simone Caporali and Anne Collignon