EFIL has been for a long time a member of the INGO conference of the Council of Europe, a consultative body that deals with Intercultural Dialogue, Civic participation and NGOs legislation. However, for many years we have not been able to send a representative to the meetings in Strasbourg. We are now glad to have a representative at the INGO conference, Viktoria (Vica) Bedo (AFS Hungary/France) who is based in Strasbourg. Vica attended the Conference on 24-26 June, in particular the Plenary session, the work of the Democracy, social cohesion and global challenges Standing Committee, and of the ad-hoc youth group. At the same session the Conference adopted its Action Plan 2015-2018  and elected its new Board (Bureau). Vica was elected as a member of the INGO service which is an administrative structure of the conference.

EFIL hopes that thanks to this new representation we will be able to more closely follow the work of the Council of Europe in the field of intercultural dialogue and link up to relevant initiatives and organisations in the field.

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