Hello everyone!

I’m Lynn! A new EFIL intern!


I started my AFS journey about three years ago when I did an internship at the AFS Flanders office for my university studies in social work. During that period I got to know the AFS world a little bit and I decided I wanted to keep volunteering for AFS and EFIL.

I have been living already in Suriname, Madrid and Dublin and I recently moved back to Antwerp. So I’m kind of re-exploring my own city which has been very nice so far.

I’m one of those people who has too many interests and wants to learn everything! Right now I’m doing photography, scuba diving and learning Spanish. So we will see how this goes. Besides the many hobbies I volunteer for some local Flemish youth work organisations that provide afterschool activities. It’s the best excuse to play games or get totally crazy!

I’m very excited about working at the EFIL office! I will be involved in the Training for Trainers, Advocacy events and probably much more.

See you soon at an EFIL event!