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EFIL members have almost finalised the recruitment of ECTP participants 2016: there will be about 300 participants and 55 volunteers. The Camp in Brussels will take place in the usual venues in Dworp. In May EFIL will recruit the preparatory teams for the two camp venues of  8 people.

In late April EFIL will release the update ECTP Manual and the ECTP Booklet for participants, in line with the AFS Student learning Journey Curriculum that has just been published by AFS International.

Meanwhile, the venues for the Brussels Camps in 2017 and 2018 have been booked! Anticipating a further growth of the number of participants will continue growing, next to the Vormigscentrum Destelheide which has hosted the event since its first edition, we have booked another equally big venue: Vormingscentrum Malle, near Antwerpen.

For more information: and  [email protected]