On the Intercultural Dialogue Day (in 2017 on the 28 September) local AFS volunteers organise public events to promote intercultural dialogue through youth exchanges, volunteering, and active citizenship.

AFS volunteers at local level are encouraged to take bottom-up initiative and organise events of various scale to reach externals in communities around them.

In 2017 the leading theme of the IDD is “Inclusive intercultural learning: exchange organisations contributing to equal opportunities for young people”! You can read more about the yearly theme here.

Volunteers Guidelines

Do you want to organise and event for Intercultural Dialogue Day and help promote intercultural dialogue through youth exchanges, volunteering, and active citizenship. Check out the Volunteer Guidelines here and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Download the Guidelines here!

Check out the IDD Video

In 2014 the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe supported EFIl in creating guidelines and materials for IDD. Check out this video that was one of the outcomes of the project.

IDD Photo and Video Contest

Every year EFIL invites volunteers to take part in the IDD Photo and Video contest.

More information about the contest will be made available closer to the Intercultural Dialogue Day 2017.

Check out last year's winners

IDD Booklets