On 3 and 4 November in Dublin, EFIL attended the European Congress on Global Education, co-chaired by Ireland and Luxembourg and convened by the Global Education Network Europe – GENE, at which the new Declaration on Global Education to 2050 was adopted.

Recognised as a valuable partner with a network of immense experience, EFIL contributed to the final Declaration text by providing feedback during the drafting process on invitation. The Congress gathered over 300 participants from ministries and agencies, regional and local governments, academia, and international, youth and civil society organisations across Europe and beyond to discuss the role of education in fostering international solidarity, human rights, global social justice, sustainability and peace.

EFIL Deputy-Chairperson Mirela Hrnjić and AFS France volunteer Anna Bichon took the opportunity to reiterate the commitment of EFIL and its members in contributing to global education through intercultural learning opportunities and advocacy, among other, for its inclusion into school curricula and teacher education.