In 2025 all students in Europe will be able to spend a period of studies abroad, thanks to the initiative we launch today.

Learning mobility is one of the policy priorities promoted by the EU to foster the development of key competences crucial for active participation in society and the labour market.

In November 2018, EU Member States have agreed to put in action the Council recommendation on promoting automatic mutual recognition of higher education and upper secondary education and training qualifications and the outcomes of learning periods abroad, in view of the creation of an European Education Area by 2025, which Member States will be called to report on in just a few years.

To better apply the recommendation in the field of recognition of the outcomes of learning periods abroad during upper secondary education, the European Commission entrusted a consortium composed by EFIL, EIESP and CESIE to work on the topic. The consortium has started a process of cooperation with a Network of Experts among relevant stakeholders to prepare the action that will eventually lead to a real automatic recognition Europe-wide.

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