The European Elections are fast approaching. This year the European elections will take a place in context vastly different compare to the previous ones. With two months to go before the vote, majority of voters share the sense that something important will happen. Despite an increase in support for the European Union, since the British referendum, surveys found that a majority of European citizens are not satisfied with the democracy.

Under the shadow of polarized politics, voting, which can be described as the expression of opinion or preference, gains a significant role in democracy.  Now, it is more important than ever for us to work together and encourage more voters to participate in the democratic process.

The European elections 2019 really will determine what Europe stands for in the coming decade and what future Europeans want for it.

To encourage first time voters and engage young European citizens in European democracy, on 15th February, EFIL participated to European Elections Partner Seminar. The seminar was organised with the initiative of platform, which was recently launched by the European Parliament in 24 languages. is a non-partisan community, dedicated to raising democratic awareness: “it is not enough to hope for a better future: this time each and every one of us must take responsibility for it too.”

The seminar was focused on “Campaign messaging. With the participation of 80 other European organisations, topics such as targeted messaging, positive messaging and creative message writing were discussed and explored.