Hi AFSers around the world!

My name is Marín Björt and in September I started at EFIL as a 12 month EVSer. I come from Akureyri, Iceland, a town known for hills, skiing and creative fast food. AFS has been a part of my life since 2003 when I went on an year long exchange to Domodossola, Italy. Since my return I have volunteered as much as possible doing everything from peeling potatoes to coordinating national camps – sometimes both at once!








I have a strong passion for volunteering, dark chocolate and a good internet connection and my spare time I like to spend with friends and family.

During my year with EFIL my biggest task will be being the VSS intern, meaning that all of you who are applying for VSS 2015 will in one way or another be in communication with me and those of you going to the Centennial celebration in Paris might see me at 100 Years Young!

It is very exciting spending the next months in Brussels and I look forward to all the chocolate!


[email protected]