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266 participants from 21 European countries will be leaving in August for their trimester exchange in 25 countries in Europe. This is nearly a 100 participants increase compared to last edition and we are happy to welcome Iceland and Egypt as new hosting countries.

We are glad to introduce you to the Preparatory Team of the ECTP Brussels Camp 2014, composed of 2 Trainers Coordinators, 2 Support Team Coordinators, 2 Communication/IT/Plenary Coordinators, 2 Camp Coordinators from the EFIL office… and an ECTP intern who will work at the EFIL office supporting the 2 Camp Coordinators.  Why so many?  Because just like last year we will have 2 parallel camps which take place simultaneously in two different venues near Brussels: ECTP participants will be divided equally by gender, nationality, and as much as possible by host country.

This year, thanks to the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission, we will have 4 staff members from Germany, Hungary, Russia and Sweden coming to the ECTP Camp to support and learn more about it.

Now we are looking for 32 volunteers (16 Trainers and 16 Support Team members) to join the Preparatory Team in the preparations and the Brussels Camp! The deadline to send in the application is 1 July.

Still doubtful about applying? Have a look at the amazing Preparatory Team and toast with us for this 6th edition of ECTP!

For more: [email protected]

Trainers Coordinators

Aloha! I am Tinna, an Icelander currently living in Copenhagen. My AFS journey began many years ago with my exchange year in The Windy City. Since then I have been involved with AFS in many different ways;  on local and national level in Iceland, on European level with EFIL and to a minor extend on local and national level with AFS Denmark. I spent one year as an intern in the EFIL office in Brussels. I have a degree in Literature from the university of Iceland and until I go back to school to study a bit more I have a job in Copenhagen that mostly consists of smiling to strangers. I very much look forward to taking part in the preparations for this years’ ECTP camp and hope that it will be a memorable event for volunteers and participants alike.


Hi, My name is Dulio, I am from Portugal and I began volunteering at AFS in 2006, more or less 1 year after I came back from my exchange programme in the USA. In fact, this year is my 10th anniversary. As a volunteer I have done pretty much anything at local, national and European level. I participated as a trainer in the past 2 years of the ECTP camp, and I am very much looking forward to meet you in November, this time as one of the organizers of the camp.


Support Team Coordinators

Welcome! I’m Riccardo, AFS volunteer since 2007, after my exchange in Norway. I love organising and animating camps: curiosity brought me to my first ECTP Camp in 2011 and since then I’ve been “trapped” by the amazing atmosphere of this event. Three year ago I moved from Milan to Munich to study environmental engineering and now I’m writing my master thesis. I love hiking in the mountains, as well as running or cycling in city parks. I enjoy discovering hidden corners of the city or tasting beer with good friends.…Support Team, are you ready for a new adventure?


Hi everyone! I’m Andreas, an AFS volunteer from Belgium Flanders. I started my AFS adventures with my exchange to Peru in 2007-2008. Since then, I’ve been an active volunteer on a local and national level and currently I’m the president of the chapter in Gent! I have a degree in Journalism, but right now I’m working at the AFS BFL office doing logistics and organising events. This year will be my first experience with ECTP and the Brussels Camp, but I’m really looking forward to learning a lot about the programme. I’m very confident the whole prep team will make sure that Brussels Camp 2014 is something you will never forget!


Communication/Plenaries/IT Coordinators

Hi there! My name is Catherine I’m from Switzerland and an AFS Volunteer since 2011. I would say that travelling and all that comes with it is my favourite thing in the world. I like big cities, small villages and idyllic landscapes and my camera is my loyal companion. My whole family has a strong connection with AFS, all of us children went on an exchange, we hosted twice and this year my mom became member of the board. This will be my first camp with ECTP, I am really excited to work with all of you and I’m looking forward to having a good time together.


My name is Florian (Flo) from Germany. I spent my AFS exchange year in 1991/92 in Mexico, and did Erasmus exchanges in Lisbon and in Dublin. I currently coordinate the semi-annual newspaper for AFS-alumni “Horizonte”. In my professional life I work as a PR person and I’m also a freelance journalist mainly for a local radio station. I will be the ‘Pixel-Guy’ of the camp: I’ll manage and coordinate the website and media communication. I am very happy to be part of the team again!


ECTP – EFIL intern

Hi everyone! My name is Pina and I come from Italy! I was an AFS exchange student in Hungary in 2009 for the first ECTP. After my exchange I have been an active volunteer and I was twice a host sister.   I covered different roles in my local chapter and I took part to some national camps. Last year I moved to Liège, a city in the French part of Belgium for my Erasmus exchange. I’m starting to work as an intern at the EFIL office in September and I can’t wait for it! I like reading, cooking, visiting friends, travelling and meet new people from all over the world, that’s why I got addicted to AFS.  See you all in Brussels!


…and the 2 Camp Coordinators: Inga & Elisa from EFIL secretariat!        

Elisa and Inga 2