Hello everyone!

I am Ingvild Johanne Grini – an AFS volunteer from Norway!

A few years ago, I spent 3 months at the EFIL office working on the ECTP Brussels Camp. It was such a great experience, that I was truly happy to have the opportunity to return to EFIL – now as an EVSer and the VSS 2016 intern. I am very happy to be back in Brussels’ diverse community, in the amazing EFIL office, and back to the Belgian cuisine (we are talking Belgian fries, mussels and chocolate!).

My favourite hobbies include drinking hot chocolate, volunteering, hiking and laughing with friends and family.

I am looking forward to all the possibilities and opportunities for personal development that EFIL offers and of course the planning of VSS, laughter with colleagues and volunteers from all over Europe, challenging moments, great memories and to getting to know all of you – future participants to the VSS in Italy summer 2016.

See you in Europe!

Greeting, Ingvild

[email protected]