270 ECTP participants, 28 countries, 45 AFS Volunteers, 3 EFIL interns and 2 EFIL secretariat members. This will be a great ECTP 2015!

At the Preparatory Meeting in the end of July, the team started to work hard, discussing the ECTP Brussels Camp programme and improving some work methods using the new online tools. In particular, the programme will have a stronger focus on active citizenship and changemaking, resulting from the partnership between AFS Intercultural Programs and Ashoka Youth Venture and EFIL’s project ACTIVE.

Thanks to the ECTP IT coordinator we got a new exciting website layout that you can check at www.ectp.eu!

The communication with participants has also started and they are sharing some experiences through their blogs and the Facebook group.

To make sure this will be a great ECTP 2015 Camp, at the beginning of September we have selected a team of 45 volunteers, from all over Europe, covering 23 countries. Take a look here to figure who they are! The volunteers are now following an online course prepared by the ECTP Trainers’ coordinators, to get acquainted with Active Citizenship in Europe.


From left to right: Sercan (AFS Turkey/Czech Republic), Elisa (EFIL), Xana (AFS Portugal/EFIL), Massimiliano (AFS Italy), Inga (EFIL), Noomi (AFS Germany), Emilija (AFS Serbia/Germany), Irene (AFS Italy/Iceland)


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