Get to know international campus life, meet new people from all over the world, and qualify for a future career in cross-cultural work environments: Summer Academy on Intercultural Experience, Karlsruhe (Germany), July 17‒28, 2017

In 2017, InterCultur (subsidiary of AFS Germany) and Karlshochschule International University will for the 8th time organise the Summer Academy on Intercultural Experience. Registration for this unique academic learning event is open.

For the AFS network, the Summer Academy offers several unique possibilities:

• AFS volunteers and staff can use this opportunity for their own further education and qualification in the area of intercultural learning.
• A reduced tuition fee applies to AFS volunteers and staff: 450 EUR instead of 600 EUR (1 week participation) and 650 EUR instead of 900 EUR (2 weeks participation).
• Participants can benefit from the international composition of the Summer Academy (in the past editions participants, trainers and lecturers came from more than 60 different countries).
• Undergraduate students can obtain up to six European Credit Points for their participation.
• Experienced AFS-trainers can multiply their knowledge at the Summer Academy. In a team with a faculty member they will teach one of the 5-day courses.
• AFS can demonstrate its broad competencies on a university level as part of our ongoing commitment of becoming one of the leaders in intercultural education.

The Academy is being held in English and is open to anyone (minimum age 18) with a demonstrable interest in intercultural encounters, especially undergraduate students and young professionals. Reduced prices for students, volunteers, and employees of non-profit organisations are being offered: 450 EUR instead of 600 EUR (1 week participation) and 650 EUR instead of 900 EUR (2 weeks participation).

Are you interested? Please find more information on http://www.summeracademy-karlsruhe.org/.

About the Academy

Our living and working environment is affected by globalisation and internationalisation. Hence, the ability to effectively communicate and deal with others in intercultural settings became a necessity. The Summer Academy on Intercultural Experience is organised since 2010 by InterCultur gGmbH (subsidiary of AFS Germany) and Karlshochschule International University. It brings together young people from all over the world to work together on the following questions: How are cultures constructed, how do people perceive the world, how can we solve the problems that arise when different cultural values meet? The Summer Academy is characterised by its innovative combination of university lectures and practical workshops. An experiential learning approach, leading to a very deep and lasting understanding of the topic addressed!

Today’s societies are differentiated up to a very high degree, due to the flux of migration and refugees, but often just because of historical developments that led to the current situation. Influencing factors can be post-colonial politics, economical dynamics, changing awareness of diversity in a specific context, and, of course, the overall globalisation of information.

Sometimes, intercultural issues derive from differences in the cultural encoding and decoding of our activities. Often, as well, diversity is interpreted as ideology and the encounter of conflicting value systems.

The Summer Academy aims at developing applied solutions for intercultural challenges in business and society, focusing on the topics of international relations and intercultural conflict resolution. Furthermore, it introduces the most important foundations of the study and research on cultural diversity and links it with solutions of sustainable socio-cultural integration in this context.

Annemarie Schwiebbe
E-Mail: Annemarie.Schwiebbe@intercultur.de
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