One of the highlights at this year’s AFS World Congress in Paris, 3-7 November, was the announcement of the winners of the “ICL in Our Own Backyard” inaugural contest.

Many AFS Partner Organisations submitted their innovative and sustainable educational public events in local communities for the contest. The success of this new initiative clearly demonstrates that AFS is an organisation aiming to be a leader in the intercultural learning field in local communities, thus supporting the network’s Vision 2020 – Expanding our Expertise!

EFIL is very proud to share with the readers of our newsletter that two of our Member Organisations were among the four winners.  AFS Serbia won the award for “Most Relevant ICL in Our Own Backyard Event for 2014” with their project “Intercultural Education: The Role of Teachers and Schools in International Student Mobility Programmes”.  AFS Turkey took home the award for “Most Sustainable ICL in Our Own Backyard Event for 2014” with their “Spectrum of Education”.  Other winners were AFS Philippines (most innovative) and AFS Australia (best overall).

Congratulations to all four the award winners!

ICL winners SRB & TUR
SRB ICL award