In May, Inga Menke represented EFIL in the ICL Responsibles Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand. It was the first meeting and brought together more than 35 ICL Responsibles from all over the world.

In this first meeting the focus was on defining the role of an ICL Responsible, sharing of what is going on in the field of Intercultural Learning (ICL) within partner organisations and learning about initiatives taken by AFS International. EFIL was able to contribute to the event with a European perspective and with different input on ICL related events happening on European level. In addition, EFIL’s Intercultural Dialogue Day was introduced as a possible initiative that could be made a global event. You will hear more about it in the future when plans become more concrete. Overall it was a very interesting meeting that boosted ICL in the network and will likely bring up further interesting projects in this area.

EFIL is very much looking forward to contributing further to the group, not only with concrete projects, but also with interesting content discussions.