On 9-11 January the Project team of  “ACTIVE – Active Citizenship Tools in Various Environments” met in Brussels to plan actions and tools aimed at including Active Citizenship content in AFS exchange programmes.

The project is the kick off of the EFIL’s 2015 Workplan funded by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe and which is focused on ‘Democratic Citizenship’. The other events part of this workplan are the Volunteer Summer Summit and the Training for Trainers coming up where the tools produces through ACTIVE will be presented or used.

The project team is composed of Maria Fanlo (AFS Spain), Nur Hilal Gercek (AFS Turkey), Joshua Fitoussi (AFS France), Marin Bjort Valtysdottir (AFS Iceland and VSS EFIL intern), Elisa Briga (ECTP coordinator at EFIL). This project aims at creating a bridge between the work that has been done by EFIL on Active Citizenship through the development of the European Citizenship Trimester Programme and the work done by AFS International through the cooperation with Ashoka Youth Venture, with the overall aim of providing tools to volunteers to include active citizenship content in all AFS orientations and make visible the social impact of AFSers.


Marin, Elisa, Maria, Hilal (Josh missing but present on skype!)

Here is what ACTIVE will do:

  • Website: www.AFSactivecitizens.org
  • Video with testimonials of AFS active citizens
  • Video for volunteers on how to link AFS to Active Citizenship
  • Manual to help volunteers to include active citizenship elements in orientations (including some Ashoka elements, eg:map my community)
  •  Twitter presence with #AFSactivecitizens #mapmycommunity
  • Yearly webinar taking place in October, addressed to grassroot volunteers and staff members on AFS&Active Citizenship (useful also for the further development of ECTP)
  • Intercultural Dialogue Day 2015: promote #AFSactivecitizens #mapmycommunity

Here you can have a look at the overall project: http://prezi.com/vstqtqgxc5ms/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy

The orientation activities will be piloted in some countries during sending orientations in the period April-May. The website and the video with AFS active citizens will be launched at the Volunteer Summer Summit.

Stay tuned!

For more info [email protected]