Hei you…

My name is Jeroen, although many know me as Jero. I got involved in AFS many years ago as a hostbrother, and went on exchange to Finland in 2010. After 4 years as a volunteer for AFS Flanders, doing all possible tasks, I decided to go on another exchange, this time as EVSer to the AFS Norway office.  By that time I also got involved with the EPOT. And now, after one and a half year in Norway I decided to return to Belgium, where Iza just started her leave. So I was asked to help out in the EFIL office. 3 days after returning home, at the beginning of April, I started writing a grant application to the EU Erasmus+ fund for an interesting project including 2 training activities. If I did a good job, you will hear more about the trainings by the end of this year.

In my free time, I’m still active in AFS Flanders as a trainer, I’m preparing for the EFIL Volunteer Summer Summit  where I’ll be a trainer, and I try to make some time for my big passion, folkloric dance.

Writing a welcome and goodbye in one text feels a bit weird, but as I start and end my task in the same month, I don’t have a choice. It was at times challenging and there was a lot of information I needed to get through, at the same time I learned a lot and I got super excited about the whole project, so with a bit of luck we meet at one of the events. And of course I had a lot of fun working with some really nice and welcoming people. Luckily the world of EFIL and AFS is small, so even though I leave the office, I’m sure I’ll meet them again. And as for you, hopefully we’ll meet soon!


18. Jero