The EU Structured Dialogue consultation is closed and EFIL has gathered a number of qualitative responses from 15 different AFS organisations in Europe (FRA, NED, DEN, NOR, ESP, CZE, SWE, ITA, HUN, SVK, POR, LAT, ICE, GER, SUI), 10% from AFS participants, 85% from volunteers and 2% from staff members. Thank you for your support of the process and for sharing the consultation within your organisations!

The consultation concerns political participation of young people, which is dwindling across Europe with low voter turnouts and general disinterest. What this consultation has taught relates to:

  • how AFS can address political participation as a non-political entity;
  • the value youth work has towards active participation;
  • trust issues within politics;
  • how to reach young people with political information;
  • and how young people should be involved in shaping policies.

The answers to these issues will be taken to the next EU Conference in Riga 23-27 March, where recommendations will be formulated with delegates from Governments, National Working Groups reaching out to young people and other International Youth organisations such as EFIL, who also bring results from their countries and organisations.

Charlotte Klinting – AFS Denmark – European Pool of Representatives

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