Currently 260 students are on the European Citizenship Trimester Programme 2016 in 25 European countries!   


39 volunteers have been recruited from the EFIL network for the Trainers and Support teams. Curious to know who they are? Meet them here:

This year ECTP participants are also engaging in a new initiatives: claiming Open Badges as an evidence of their learning!

In fact, thanks to the Erasmus+ project ‘European Badge Alliance’, EFIL is piloting a framework which is specifically conceived for ECTP.

So far, more than 100 students have registered to the Badge issuing platform and more than 50 have claimed their Departure badge. Now they are engaging in getting their ‘Host Country  Badges’ and some badges for their foreign language learning.There is a specific badge for Intercultural competences, one to be claimed at the ECTP Camp in Brussels and another one, ‘Ambassador’ which focuses on the Re-entry phase.

Participants will be able to generate ECTP certificates with all the badges they have earned during the programme.

We will evaluate this pilot project and see whether to offer this opportunity to students every year!