In 2016 EFIL will focus on the topic of  ‘Building peaceful societies through intercultural education‘. Thanks to the support of the European Foundation of the Council of Europe we will be able to conduct the following activities on this topic:

  • Seminar ‘Working with identities in promoting peace & intercultural dialogue‘ (Poland, January): the complexity of identity construction, the role of identity in micro- and macro-scale conflict.
  • Seminar ‘“Post-war reconciliation through immersive exchange”(Bosnia&Herzegovina, March): a regional seminar focusing on the AFS peace-building role in ex-Yugoslavia.
  • Seminar on Islam in Europe – between assimilation and rejection (Belgium, April): focus on our organisation’s role in the current debates on Muslim minorities in Europe – how can we make a stronger positive impact?
  • Volunteer Summer Summit on ‘Education for Peace: the challenge of living together’ (Italy, July-August): Different training tracks will give the opportunity to focus on different aspects of the theme.

Also, the theme of Study session on ‘Active Citizenship in the refugee crisis – local projects for global exchange network’ (Budapest, August) is very much linked to the year’s topic.

Finally…Intercultural Dialogue’s Day theme will be Peace Education!

Curious, excited? Stay tuned…and tweet #peaceducation @EFILafs

And..wondering what we have been focusing on in the past years?
2014 was the year of ‘Diversity Education’
2015 was the year of ‘Citizenship Education: contributing to a more just and peaceful world’