I. A European Pool of Representatives: what for?
The European landscape is rich and diverse in terms of events, processes and structures to participate in. In order to be able to grasp them fully and represent the views and experience of our AFS members in the best way, and to reach out to external partners and developments, EFIL has a committed group of people involved in advocacy work at European and international level and represent EFIL/AFS externally.

II. How it works
The Pool consists of AFS volunteers and staff interested in representing EFIL externally and in different areas. The Pool provides a space for learning, exchange and networking among members.

The members of the EPoR shall:

  • represent EFIL externally at European and international level
  • attend meetings, seminars, debates on behalf of the Federation
  • follow-up the work and processes of various institutions and structures and update EFIL on the progress
  • help EFIL shape and implement its Advocacy goals
  • support their national AFS organisation in their external work & relations
  • act as resource persons for Advocacy at EFIL events

Within EPOR, the EFIL’s representative to the European Youth Forum (3 years mandate) and EFIL’s representative for the EU structured dialogue with young people (1.5 years mandate) are selected.

Contact the EPOR Core Group via elisa.briga@afs.org