In line with the theme of the Volunteer Summer Summit 2024 – Volunteer Based Youth Work for Active Citizens – , our trainers have created a wide variety of workshops to give participants the tools to use the AFS know-how on intercultural and citizenship education to promote democratic values. 

We have selected specific thematic tracks to help us connect the theme to the work and mission of AFS. Each track focuses on one aspect of the topic and explores it from different angles.  

Therefore, if you want to focus on one aspect specifically, you can select workshops that belong to the same track, and if you attend at least 2 workshops from the same track you will receive a track certificate. If you would rather explore freely, don’t worry… Just choose any workshop that picks your interest, and you will receive workshop certificates.

How to select the workshops you would like to attend? You will receive an email in the last step of registration with the link to a Google Form to choose among the workshops you will find here.

Here just below discover the five tracks with the different workshops!