Fostering active citizenship through volunteerism and intercultural learning experiences is a strategic priority of two-fold importance for EFIL and its Member Organisations. Firstly, volunteers are the cornerstone and invaluable carriers of both the mission and operations. Secondly, volunteering experiences at local and international levels contribute to empowering individuals to act as informed and responsible active citizens and be the drivers of changes towards social cohesion in increasingly diverse societies.

Within these efforts, EFIL is focusing on the following three specific strategic objectives under the Strategic Plan 2022-2025.

Researching and promoting  the relevance of volunteerism for development of active citizenship and societal change

Through research, EFIL aims at showcasing the impact of intercultural learning and volunteering experiences on development of active citizenship. Based on these research findings, EFIL promotes and provides recommendations for furthering volunteerism as a driver of societal change, particularly among young people. These also serve to bolster research and advocacy efforts under the area of impact Advocacy, in order to contribute and call for improvement of policies and practices for a better access, inclusivity, and institutional recognition of volunteerism in Europe. Also, under the area of impact Intercultural Learning, EFIL utilises knowledge-informed approach for better incorporation of active citizenship development into offered learning opportunities.

Improving cross-border volunteer collaboration towards a more inclusive, peaceful and just society

EFIL aims at establishing a European Community of Volunteers, in order to foster further cross-border and cross-organisational collaboration among volunteers in Europe towards a more inclusive, peaceful and just society. This includes improved facilitation of exchange of ideas and experiences among volunteers of Member Organisations, as well as provision of structural interaction and collaboration among their volunteers and with volunteers of other like-minded organisations.

Supporting our Member Organisations in developing and diversifying their volunteer networks

EFIL supports its Member Organisations to apply research outcomes for improvement and assessment of their volunteer development, with a focus on nurturing active citizenship at local, national, and international levels. Furthermore, EFIL provides volunteers with learning opportunities on inclusive practices, in order to support them in designing opportunities that are accessible to people of all generations and backgrounds, particularly those vulnerable and at risk of marginalisation.

Fostering active citizenship among our volunteers

Discover all the opportunities for volunteers fostering their active participation through active citizenship education, intercultural learning, and mobility opportunities.

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PEACE - Active citizenship

We work to promote active citizenship and young people’s sense of initiative as well as intercultural dialogue, recognition of diversity and promotion of tolerance. With that purpose, EFIL organises the PEACE Programme (Peace through Exchange and Active Citizenship Education Programme), a secondary school trimester exchange programme which aims at empowering and enabling young people to become active citizens.

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