This year’s VSS comes with a new type of activity: Volunteer Project Hub! During this time, we will give the participants the space to connect, share practices, knowledge, ideas, and come up with their own projects together! With a free flow, you will be able to attend and create short workshops for fellow volunteers, best practices exchange, idea hub, Agora where you can have discussions with other volunteers, or you can pair up with people to plan your own projects. 

Unlike the “I can teach you” activity, the Project Hub has been conceived to be a more structured moment to allow participants to take ownership of their VSS experience and lead their own activity. Hence, it is important to sign up before the event if you wish to organize any activity – mini-workshops of 30 to 50 minutes, facilitate discussions, sharing best practices (you can choose among various topics like managing local fundraising, restarting an AFS chapter, etc., or share nice practices and success stories). You can also have small stands to promote some of your activities – like volunteer training open to internationals, advocacy efforts, etc.

As a participant, during the Project Hub you will be able to follow several activities and move between different stations. You can sign up and propose your Project idea by filling in this form by 9 July. At the event, you will be able to discover all the project ideas proposed and to sign up for any of them. We hope you are as excited as we are!