ECTP becomes PEACE

Based on the outcomes of EFIL’s HOO meeting last year in Denmark, partners expressed their interest of renaming the European Citizenship Trimester Programme to PEACE. Following, EFIL started the process of looking into the options of changing the name and taking other factors into consideration such as optimization of our resources and coherence.  With that said the ECTP has been renamed to PEACE! The trimester programme has 1 name, PEACE, but includes 2 different tracks; European Citizenship Track and Global Citizenship Track. The content of the ECTP or PEACE European Citizenship track will be the same as before.

This process of the name change will be as follows.

  • The student manuals will be shared in the week of 25-29 March
  • By the end of April we will share the updated manuals for volunteers and offices
  • By the end of May we will conduct a webinar for volunteers and staff
  • In August we will start communicating with participants where we will explain the name change
  • At the final camp in December – the name will formally change from the ECTP to PEACE
  • From 2020 all trimester programmes will be called PEACE

Student manuals

The manuals for students have been updated and shared with the offices. You can find the updated version on the Promotional Material Folder on google drive.


  • PEACE Camp in Belgium 31 March – 4 April
  • Updated Manuals for; Volunteers, Offices
  • White paper on PEACE
  • Pilot report
  • Updated website
  • Updated Promotional Material Folder
  • Webinar
  • Volunteer training on PEACE (both tracks)

For more information please contact [email protected]