Ciao! As I am writing this, I realize it has almost been 3 months already since I have become part of the EFIL team in Brussels! Time really flies when you’re having fun!

I’m Valeria, from Italy, Rome, and I’m the new EVSer for the PEACE Programme! I am really excited to be able to work on this fascinating programme, as I know for certain that if I could do one more AFS experience, it would be the PEACE itself! This programme is really close to my heart as it perfectly combines my passion for Asian cultures and my curiosity towards the theme of global citizenship. I hope that in the months to follow, we will be able to see the PEACE programme develop and grow steadily.

As for myself, I hope to learn more about what it means to be a global active citizen myself. Born in Rome, from an Italian-Peruvian family, I learned from a young age what it means to grow up in an multicultural environment. Thanks to AFS I was able to go on a year-long exchange programme to China, and my appreciation for what it means to be a “global citizen” grew with every new encounter I made. After 5 years of volunteering for AFS in Italy, and studying for my BA, I feel that the time has come to reflect more on how to make a greater impact as a global citizen, and how to grow from here.

I hope Brussels, EFIL and the PEACE Programme can be sources of inspiration in this journey, and if I can bring even a 1% improvement, then I will be really happy!

A presto!