The Erasmus+ project ‘Intercultural Learning for Pupils and Teachers came to an end in November 2018, bringing a series of successful results which are supporting AFS organisations to promote intercultural learning in schools.

The project outcomes are:

  • A teacher training model. Stay updated on the training offers by visit this website page!
  • A Toolbox of intercultural learning activities in the classroom. The project partners have also drafted a Toolbox guide, which is now available in English. The Italian, French and German translations will be available soon. Moreover, you can now find examples of activities of the Toolbox in this publication in English. Now teachers can also teachers cooperate online through Etwinning to exchange on how they have promoted intercultural learning in their classrooms using the Toolbox: have a look at the TwinSpace of the project where teachers can exchange lesson plans and pupils can publish and share activities they have tried together!
  • Studies and policy recommendations on intercultural learning in teacher education and school curricula. In Europe, countries have different education systems for teachers and for pupils. These differences of course influence how intercultural learning is included in teacher education and school curricula, and in order to make sure implementation of ICL policies and practices is successful, this needs to be tailored to each country’s educational system. Therefore, the project partners drafted two Studies including policy recommendations, looking at five countries, namely Italy, Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands:

A Brief Overview on Intercultural Learning in Initial Teacher Education and Continuing Professional Development for teachers of Upper Secondary Schools




A Brief Overview on Intercultural Learning in Curricula of Upper Secondary Schools and the Recognition of Long-Term Individual Pupil Mobility





These results were presented at the project’s final conference on 24-26 October which was part of the 9th edition of the Forum on Intercultural Learning and Exchange convened by Fondazione Intercultura, EFIL and AFS Intercultural Programs (see next article for more information)

Photo: project partners at the 2nd day of the final conference


Although the project has been concluded, this is only the start of a new phase! Project partners will keep offering the teacher trainings on intercultural competence, and the Toolbox will keep being accessible online. Translations in other languages will be soon made available (Spanish and Greek). Finally, we are glad to see that the results of the project are taken up also by AFS organisations beyond Europe thanks to the cooperation between AFS International and EFIL on this project: on 26-30 November in Antigua, Guatemala a regional training of ALEI (the alliance of AFS organisations in Latin America) gathered 12 trainers from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico and Panama, who will be empowered to train teachers on intercultural learning in their communities.

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