On Thursday 27 September EFIL and the AFS network in Europe are once again celebration the annul Intercultural Dialogue Day (IDD). The day is a tribute to AFS’ work to promote intercultural dialogue. It is organised each year by AFS volunteers from all over Europe.  

IDD was first initiated during the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue in 2008 and has since become a fixed item on the calendar of EFIL and its Members.  Every year on the last Thursday of September grass root AFS volunteers all over Europe organise events in their local communities to promote intercultural dialogue. AFS volunteers reach out to the public through big and small events and fun activities such as workshops, conferences, flash mobs, exhibitions , web events, dance and sports events, creative meals, school activities and much more, often getting coverage in their local, regional or national media.

In order to stimulate IDD initiatives, over the year EFIL has developed several materials and tools and made them available for its Member Organisations. Toolkits, posters and brochures have helped to inspire the volunteers in putting into practice their own ideas. A Facebook page connects the grassroot volunteers internationally and gives the projects additional visibility.

If you are doing something cool on the Interculutral Dialogue Day, don’t forget to post it on Facebook with #IDD!