Since 2014, stimulated by the support of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe, EFIL has introduced leading annual themes, giving a common direction to the activities in each year.  After last years’ themes linked to Citizenship Education, Peace Education, Diversity and Inclusion, the 2018 topic is “Intercultural Learning in the 21st century: impact and approaches to unite polarised societies”.

We are now happy to confirm that funding for the 2019 Work Plan has been confirmed – we will be once more supported by the European Youth Foundation of the CoE. The next year’s topic has been formulated as “Social impact – AFS volunteers as educators, changemakers and advocates for a better world” in line with the priorities spelled out in the current AFS Network Strategy.

The EFIL activities planned as a part of the 2019 Work Plan include:

#AFS Effect: social impact in and through exchanges – a volunteer seminar focused on strengthening the impact of our core programs, and empowering volunteers to drive this process (March)

#AFS Effect: Navigating intercultural encounters in daily lives – the continuation of the DICE online course development started in 2018, with the ambition of reaching out new target groups (throughout 2019)

#AFS effect through external relations – a seminar aimed at building AFS/EFIL capacity to advocate for a more supportive environment for intercultural education and exchanges (May/June, attached to the EFIL General Assembly)

#AFS Effect: Volunteering for Impact – the Volunteer Summer Summit, taking place this year in Austria (July)

Please stay tuned for further information on the next year’s activities in the near future!

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