One fact that non-Icelanders do not really know about Iceland is that the largest group of immigrants, representing 3% of the country’s population, is actually from Poland. With over 10.000 inhabitants, the Polish are vital to keep Iceland’s economy rolling. However, their contribution to the country is not only economical; Polish restaurants, grocery stores and shops have opened around the country, but mainly in the capital area. This is one of the reasons that encouraged AFS Poland and AFS Iceland to create a special exchange programme. 

This programme, funded by AFS Iceland, offers a full scholarship to a Polish student who wants to come to Iceland, and vice-versa! By doing so, we wish to give an opportunity to these ambassadors to work towards a better understanding and acceptance of each other’s culture, and also break down stereotypes.



Last year, Júlíus Þór and Mikołaj were the brave ambassadors who went abroad for a year. This year, AFS Iceland is receiving Alicja, who will be living on the East Coast of the country.

You can read more about the adventures of Mikołaj and Júlíus Þór on the website of AFS Poland.

For more information:  [email protected]