Ciao a tutti!

My name is Chiara and I am going to work at the EFIL office for four beautiful months as an intern of the CRT Foundation (Turin).

I come from a little town close to Rome but since my year abroad in Denmark with Intercultura (AFS Italy) I have spent very little time at home, as you can imagine! Moving from town to town is one of my passions: I first studied in Padua, than Erasmus in Coimbra (Portugal), again Italy for my master this time in Turin and after my graduation in psychology I moved to Hamburg for a three months internship at InterCultur.

Finally here in Brussels at the very center of Europe for this amazing experience at EFIL!

One of my biggest passions is to learn new languages and trough them understand the cultures that I encounter in a deeper way. I would like to become a professional intercultural trainer, starting from my personal experience being able to deal with groups with different cultural backgrounds. Finally I lately discovered that I have a passion for biking, which means that I am going to bike to the office every day also in WINTER (will see about that).

I am super grateful to have the opportunity to work at the EFIL office, because this is a place where all the AFSers feel part of one big community and where I am sure I will get lots of inputs and inspirations for my future career!