Hello there!

My name is Anica and I come from Serbia. I got to know about AFS some years ago by chance, when my friend was interested in an exchange. Since then I had been an exchange student, a volunteer, and my family has been a host family a couple of times.

I have just arrived in Brussels, where I will spend my year volunteering for EFIL! I am very excited about this. The main project I will be working on is ECTP, but I am also sure there will be many more very interesting projects for me to take part in throughout my year in the office.

Apart from AFS, I enjoy – you are guessing – travelling. One of my hobbies (or rather a life approach?) is activism, since I think negative things in the society can and should be changed. I also love doing sports and dancing, which I will have to do a lot of this year, since I am living in the land of chocolate, fries and beer.

See you around!


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Anica welcome to Anica