re you an AFS returnee and do you currently reside in Brussels or surroundings, then this is for you!

Dear fellow AFSers,

A group of enthusiastic AFS Alumni in Brussels with positions at the European Commission, the Council of the European Union and other European institutions, international organisations and NGOs, etc. together with EFIL (the European Federation for Intercultural Learning – umbrella of all 28 the European AFS organisations) has revived the network of AFS people with international activities in Brussels (AFS EuroNet). The aim is not only to meet up from time to time for a couple of drinks, but also to bring our minds and efforts together to further promote AFS in Europe and plan some concrete projects.

Can you help us spread the word?

Maybe you know of other AFS Alumni in the area who would be interested in joining AFS EuroNet?

Please send their names and e-mail addresses to Frini at the EFIL office ([email protected]), so that we can add them to the growing list of people.