As the weather is getting warmer, we know that also the annual EFIL Volunteer Summer Summit, the AFS network’s largest annual training event, is getting closer!  With less than 80 days left to the VSS 2016 (starting on 30 July), the VSS team is very busy with the further preparation of the programme, the designing of T-Shirts, social media and answering the many questions of participants!

Registration record

This year, we have reached a new registration record. With more than 300 registrations, the VSS venue in Venice is fully booked. We are truly happy to see that the interest for the Volunteer Summer Summit keeps on growing, and that more participants from beyond Europe find their way to our annual Summit. We are ready for a diverse, challenging and fruitful VSS for both the team and the participants.

The next Herald will come out soon!

The 3rd Herald – the VSS news magazine – will be published in a week. You can read more about the programme and the different workshop as well as discover who’s on the trainers’ team. If you missed the two past editions of the Herald of the VSS 2016, or just feel like reading them again, you can check under “Heralds” at the VSS website

You can also find more information, pictures, follow the countdown and the preparation by EFIL, and follow the developments on Facebook, Twitter (@VSSsunflower), Snapchat and Instagram (both @efilvss).

If you have any questions, please contact us by email to [email protected].