Speak up for diverse and inclusive communities!

One of the most important moments of the Structured Dialogue with Young People has started – the consultation phase. It is now the time for every AFS volunteer to voice their concerns regarding the topic ‘Enabling all young people to engage in a diverse, connected and inclusive Europe – Ready for life, ready for society’.

The inquiry was created based on the Guiding questions for the consultation presented at the EU Youth Conference in Amsterdam:

1) What changes in society are you concerned about and what do you need to be able to adapt to such changes? What would make you feel more secure?

2) What would help you connect more and build trust with people from a different cultural, social, economic, religious background than yours?

3) What can be done to avoid the stigmatization of vulnerable young people and provide them with equal opportunities in society?

4) What do you think makes you feel that you belong to a local community, to society, to Europe?

5) What competences would help you when you are facing difficult situations?

6) What would you need to fully realize your potential and help others to realize theirs?


The official EFIL consultation phase will be launched at the VSS in Venice. And you can follow it through EFIL Social Media.

by Alexandra Ruivo Cordeiro, EFIL representative for the EU Structured dialogue withe young people

For more information: [email protected]