Following the bi-annual tradition, in 2018 EFIL is offering the next edition of Governance and Leadership seminar for national board members. The event, organised in cooperation with AFS International and targeting AFS board members worldwide, is planned for 29 August – 2 September (including travel days) in Cairo, Egypt.

The seminar will focus on the specific AFS board context, the skills needed to lead a volunteer network and the role of an AFS board member. Specifics agenda sessions are still to be defined by the trainer team, which will include representatives of EFIL and AFS INT offices, as well as experienced AFS Board Chairs.

We hope very much that the meeting will attract both European and other AFS board members. The seminar will attempt to provide tailor-made service and address the expectations of both newly elected and more experienced board members (e.g. through optional and parallel sessions, Open Space etc.), including those who attended induction and governance seminars in the past. We particularly encourage newly elected people, board members with no prior international experience and from organisations facing challenges at the moment.

For all those afraid of Egyptian summer: we hope that the 

nice venue with a pool can address any anxieties :-)

Oasis hotel_Poolphoto

The official call for registrations with further practical and content details will be sent out by mid-May.


For more information in the meantime: [email protected]