As of this year the number of sending participants is finally considerably growing in Germany and hence a reshaping of ECTP structures has become possible and necessary. A group of ECTP affiliated volunteers and staff members met in mid-April to rethink ECTP in Germany.


In order to strengthen the holistic concept of the programme we have been working on ideas how to establish better preparations and re-entry orientations for our sending students. We want to provide one preparation camp for all German ECTP participants that encompasses specific ECTP elements, namely Active Citizenship and Europe content. In this way we want to make sure that all students have the same background before going to their host countries and attending the Brussels Camp. Once they are back in Germany a re-entry orientation which also takes on the ideas developed at the Brussels Camp should further motivate the students to become change makers.

During the upcoming months we plan on assembling a handbook for both ECTP sending orientations and implement the activities for the first time during the re-entry orientation of this year’s ECTP participants. The long-term goal is to establish a dedicated group of ECTP volunteers that feels responsible for the programme and represents and supports it within AFS Germany. As AFS Germany has only recently committed itself on a strategic level to further enhancing Active Citizenship within the organisation, the timing is perfect for a strengthened ECTP that can serve as a role model for other programmes.

If you are interested in our work and you want to know more about our current efforts please contact Florian Aue or Ariane Schmerse.


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